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Welcome North District Entrepreneurs And Shenzhen Network Entrepreneurs’s Visiting

North District Entrepreneurs and Shenzhen Network Entrepreneurs visited our company in the afternoon of July 14th, 2015, the hot weather wasn’t effect all of the visitors’ hot passion. More than 150 people listened President Wu’s lecture with highly focus. The hottest core lecture- how to transfer traditional manufacturer enterprise to a network type successfully is what the visitors want to listen eagerly, President Wu shared these details carefully. President Wu’s dream is to setting up one hundred sales teams and to be a lecturer, he is working hard to come his dream to true. And his selfless share benefit many Network entrepreneurs, also deeply moved each visitor. - See more at: 

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Address: Level 11-12,Datang Time Building,Meilong Road,Qinghu, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Tel: +86-755-61192092