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The Use Of Car Tools Is Extremely Simple

Each car will be accompanied by a set of car with a car tool, some, some less, the correct use of these car tools is the owner should master an important lesson. Here to explain what the car tools are useful it.

Triangle warning sign

If the car is out of trouble or accident, you should erect a triangular warning sign. Its use is extremely simple, the key is that you want to know the warning signs stand in the fault from the location of the car, if it is a highway or city expressway, to be erected in about 100 meters. Car Tool If it is an ordinary section, the best not less than 50 meters. Do not pay attention to this point, Car Tool its role is to remind the car and leave enough to avoid the distance. At the same time, do not forget to open the double flash, especially at night.

Tire wrench

The use of the tire wrench should pay attention to the direction and order of the pull. Raise the tires' bolts with a wrench before lifting the jacks. This direction is counterclockwise. Then use the jack to lift the tire off the ground and then remove the bolt completely. Car Tool Began to loosen the tire when the need for effort, you can use the foot wrench method, so save a lot of power. After replacing the spare tire, Car Tool the first hand bolts one by one as far as possible after the tighten the jack and then put the car down, with a wrench clockwise twist and tighten the bolts, tighten the bolt to pay attention to a sequence, the order is to twist each Bolts should be used in the order of the cross, that is, if there are four wheels on a bolt, then, according to the diagonal position of the cross-tightening bolts. It is recommended that you buy a cross wrench, Car Tool it is more than the original car wrench with a single hand.

Traction hook

Traction hook is used in the need for trailer when the car tool, towing hole is located in the front of the car, first with the car's screwdriver pry the drag hole cover, Car Tool in order to prevent the paint was drawn, can be screwed between the screw and body cloth. Tighten the traction hook into the drag hole. To ensure firmness, Car Tool tighten it with the tire wrench into the traction hook.


Jacks are included with the simple type, the use of jack to pay special attention to two points. The point is to put the jack at the bottom of the car dedicated to the top of the point. The top position is on both sides of the floor of the vehicle body, the shape is convex, usually also marked with the arrows. In front of the car on the side of the front and rear respectively, there are two top points to find the tire will be replaced by the recent top of the move, the jack on the top of the top of the point.

Turn the end bracket of the jack clockwise by hand until the top of the jack touches the top lift. To make the top of the raised point of the protrusion just embedded in the top of the groove in the jack, Car Tool and then put the extension of a rod into the jack at the end of the hole, the other into the tire wrench hole, so turn the tire wrench Can be successfully raised jack. Jack in the use of special attention is to be placed on the ground, if the ground is relatively soft, conditional, then you can find a block thick, smooth, Car Tool solid wood pad in the jack below.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can control the fire in the early stages of spontaneous combustion, effectively reduce the dangers of accidents. It must be unplugged before the use of insurance pins, Car Tool the nozzle at the root of the fire point, one hand and hold the bottom of the tank, one hand and hold the handle above, so that you can successfully spray extinguishing agent.

When the engine compartment smoke, the correct way is to open about two fingers of the gap, the nozzle at the cabin of the internal jet, or through the front air grille to fight. Fire extinguisher is different from the car on the other car tools, to six months to check once, the method is to see the pressure gauge, when the table in the blue and yellow indicators that the normal pressure.

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