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The Role Of The Battery Starter

Battery starter is now people usually referred to the motor, also known as the starter. It is driven by electromagnetic induction starter rotor rotation, Battery Jump Starter the rotor on the small gear drive the engine flywheel rotation, which drives the crankshaft rotation and the car. The new low-cost spark plugs and starters with a ceramic core base are innovative, setting the technical foundation for automotive development.

I believe the battery dealers know the battery starter, that is, the so-called CCA value, which is associated with the generator where? Affect the performance of those generators? The following Xiaobian simply talk about the battery start-up current and generator speed some common sense:

The role of the generator: 1. Charging to the battery, Battery Jump Starter so that the battery remains fully charged state; 2. Supply of current to the electrical; 3. Only in the generator power generation, lower than the electrical consumption of electricity, only by the battery Analysis on the Function of Power Supply Generator and the Principle of Definition of Battery Starter

So the battery in the car after the start, in the case of insufficient charging system, the battery will supply the current, otherwise the battery is only in the state of charge, the car's electrical appliances are not paid (except for filtering). Basically, the current car, the generator current output is quite enough (at least 80A or more), in the car after the start, the whole car all rely on the output of the generator, Battery Jump Starter with the battery is not directly related.

If the car installed a lot of extra electrical equipment, need to strengthen the generator and not the battery, after all, the role of the battery is mainly at the start or generator power generation, lower than the electrical consumption of the current role. After the start of the normal working voltage of the car is about 14V, if the power consumption is lower than the current consumption of electricity, this time will be the battery from the current and the voltage will be gradually reduced until the ignition or injection system without normal work when the flame, but in the process of engine The performance is also poor (mainly electric energy can reduce the voltage).

CCA (battery starter) definition: the new battery, full state, zero degrees Fahrenheit (minus 17.8 degrees Celsius) temperature, 30 seconds continuous discharge to 7.2V, Battery Jump Starter can continue to provide the current from this definition can be seen, this More like a design specifications, to be measured more trouble. To use a lot of measurements, each time different discharge to 7.2V. To just hold the current value of 30 seconds prevail.

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