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The Importance Of Vehicle Tools

As a car owner, driving not only to be comfortable, but also to pay attention to safety. When the car is out of the factory, the factory will provide some car tools, and we will use some things in the car. So what car tools should be put on the car, and how to use it?

1 Spare tire

Back-up tires are often forgotten in the luggage compartment and lack of maintenance, Car Tool so it is recommended that the owner must check every 3 months on the back-up tires, if necessary, to inflate it.

2. Jack

Jack is an indispensable vehicle for changing tyres, and almost all of the depots will come with a jack. When buying a used car, be sure to check whether the jack is intact, Car Tool because the original jack is lightweight and easy to use.

3 Car Kit

With car kits, each car is accompanied by a car kit, which usually has a number of basic vehicle tools, including wrenches, screws, wheels, etc., the owner should be regularly collated and checked, preferably after each use to clean and extend the service life of vehicle tools.

4. Car Flashlight

A strong flashlight, in the case of a bad car in the evening, Car Tool in addition to the inspection of vehicle lighting, can be used to send out distress signals or signal other vehicles, to ensure safety.

5. First Aid Kit

This is the car emergency equipment that most of the drivers are not equipped with. We can see the original First aid kit in the Audi car. The box should be equipped with bandages, gauze, disinfectant and other emergency drugs, in case of accident, for first aid. At the same time, Car Tool first-aid kits should be cleaned every six months.

6. Insulated Gloves

Keep your hands clean during emergency repairs and cleaning, or when you want to turn on the hood or cover of the tank for thermal insulation. The best use of insulating gloves, in dealing with electrical problems, can avoid electric shocks.

7. Distilled water

The car should be standing about 1 litres of distilled water, but please note: ordinary water or mineral waters must not be used as a battery.

8. Small Fire extinguishers

In the event of an accident, the modern car has rarely spontaneous combustion, Car Tool but this does not mean that it is impossible, so there is a light fire extinguishers can be saved at any time life.

9. Tyre leakage prevention Agent

Can be in the tires after the sharp object puncture to play the leak-proof function, eliminating the need for instant tire of the brain. As long as the leak-proof agent is injected into the tyre, it will form a protective film on the inner wall of the tyre, Car Tool and after the tyre can be maintained for a period of time, enough for us to drive to the nearby repair center to repair the tyres.

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