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The Car Tool Is Very Practical

As the owner, driving not only to comfort, but also pay attention to safety. When the car is shipped, the manufacturer will provide some car tools, and we will use some things in the car. How is the car tool used?

Automotive tools include: folding reflective warning signs, nylon trailer rope, take the power line, inverter, cotton work gloves, multi-function flashlight (with battery), car fuses, Car Tool wear-free tire repair tools, waterproof tape, insulation Tape, fire extinguishers, pump and other 11 necessary tools.

One, folding reflective warning signs

This collapsible reflective warning sign is very practical, in your car problems need to stop when the inspection, it should be placed in the rear of the car 50 meters away, Car Tool to remind the passers-by in advance to slow down. At the same time, when not in use, folding warning signs on the car will not take up a lot of space.

Second, nylon trailer rope

To prepare a trailer belt that can drag at least 3 tons of heavy cars, so that when the car is anchored, it can be easily towed.

Third, take electricity over the line of fire

When the car can not be activated, it can be started with another battery. Car Tool Bold battery start line, the maximum current through the 200AMP, generally suitable for displacement within 2500cc gasoline engine or displacement within 2000cc diesel engine battery between the use.

Fourth, the car power inverter

Car inverter is a 12V DC can be converted into the same power with the 220V AC power for general electrical use, is a convenient vehicle power converter.

Five, cotton work gloves

Driving trouble, such as changing tires, checking the engine, etc., Car Tool wearing gloves not only to prevent the hand was dirty or injured, but also anti-skid, making the work more flexible.

Six, multi-function flashlight

Role 1, the normal lighting function

Role 2, flash alarm (flashlight at one end of the magnet, the flashlight can be in the roof or trunk), the night light up to 200m, 36 hours of power supply.

The role of 3, built-in blade, when necessary, cut off the seat belt; Car Tool metal hammer can smash the glass

Seven, car fuse

The role of the fuse is to protect the circuit (lines) and electrical equipment, not because of short circuit, overload failure and overheating damage, or even fire. When using the vehicle if the headlamp does not shine or the wiper does not move and other failures, Car Tool we should first suspect that the fuse may be damaged. General headlights fuse is 20A or 30A specifications.

Replace the fuse must be consistent with the original fuse specifications, can not arbitrarily increase the current level of the fuse, but can not use other conductive material instead. If the replacement of the fuse immediately burned, indicating that the circuit has occurred short-circuit fault, Car Tool to ask professionals to remove the fault and then install the fuse, do not use the fuse to increase the specifications to deal with, or is likely to cause a fire.

Eight, free of spare tire repair tools

Do not break the tires in the case of broken tires.

Nine, waterproof tape, insulation tape

Waterproof tape for circuit waterproof, tubing rupture maintenance, insulation tape for circuit maintenance.

Ten, fire extinguisher

Car fire extinguisher is a very important car tool, Car Tool but many owners are not equipped with a fire extinguisher for the car, until the time of danger can not help.

11, car pump

In the highway, the field or any place, if the tire suddenly leak, Car Tool the pump can play its emergency function.

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