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The Battery Starter Uses A Door Opening Structure

Battery starter Uses: suitable for containing methane mixed gas, with the risk of explosion in the coal mine, in the exchange 50HZ, the voltage of 1140V or 660V, Battery Jump Starter the neutral point is not directly connected to the power supply grid, you can local or remote control three-phase squirrel cage Type asynchronous motor.


1. The use of shell shell to open the door structure, Battery Jump Starter compared to the old shell switch, the device has a light weight, small size, easy maintenance and transportation advantages.

2. Using the Chinese blue screen Han Xian, with standard RS485 / 232 interface, and the host computer network can be telemetry, remote control, remote, Battery Jump Starter remote control and other four remote functions.

3. Drop-down menu settings, with parameter tuning function, without opening the switch parameters can be modified or set.

4. External water level sensor control pump motor, can be achieved automatically open and stop, open duty. Water level sensor for my company configuration, the work of power for the nature of security.

5. Starter with short circuit, overload, phase, Battery Jump Starter three-phase imbalance, leakage lock and other protection. At the same time with current, voltage, fault parameters such as display.

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Address: Level 11-12,Datang Time Building,Meilong Road,Qinghu, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Tel: +86-755-61192092