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How The Battery Starter Works

Battery starter is now people usually referred to the motor, also known as the starter. It is driven by electromagnetic induction starter rotor rotation, the rotor on the small gear drive the engine flywheel rotation, which drives the crankshaft rotation and the car. Battery Jump Starter The new low-cost spark plugs and starters with a ceramic core base have been innovative and laid the foundation for the development of the car.

The battery starter eliminates the heavy and dangerous hand cranks, making the car driving safer and more convenient, especially by the majority of new consumers, including women, including the favor.

Battery starter principle: gas discharge light source is different from the heat radiation source, connected to the general power and can not light, but there is a start process, that is, Battery Jump Starter the process of lighting the lights. Each discharge lamp has a corresponding ignition voltage (also known as breakdown voltage), only when the voltage across the lamp over the ignition voltage, it is possible to establish a gas discharge, the lights lit. Discharge lamp ignition voltage up to tens of thousands of volts, while others are as low as several hundred volts, are generally greater than the power supply voltage. So a single power supply, Battery Jump Starter the general discharge lamp is impossible to be lit. In the circuit must be provided more than the gas discharge light source voltage of the voltage generating device, which is the starter. According to the theory of gas discharge, the ignition voltage of the gas discharge light source can be reduced under certain conditions. If the cathode is preheated, the surface of the lamp is coated with conductive film or conductive tape, the auxiliary electrode is installed, the lamp is filled with Penning gas, Radioactive material, using high frequency voltage and so on. Therefore, according to the different types of gas discharge light source, it gradually formed a variety of starter. The main function of the starter is to start the lamp and light the light. Once the discharge lamp is lit, the starter will not work until the next time it is turned on.Battery Jump Starter So the starter should be as simple as possible, light and reliable, and some even after the discharge lamp is lit and removed from the circuit without affecting the normal operation of the discharge lamp.

A variety of gas discharge device starter, according to the working principle can be divided into three categories. ① in the discharge lamp circuit or in the discharge lamp structure to take measures to reduce the discharge lamp ignition voltage, the power supply voltage or in the circuit under the action of the higher voltage, so that the discharge lamp light up. This type of starter is characterized by: not necessarily a device to play the role of starter, but a number of devices or the entire circuit can play the role of starter. Such as partial fluorescent starters and high pressure mercury lamp starters. ② in the discharge lamp circuit has a separate part of the circuit as a starter, it produces a higher pulse voltage added to both ends of the discharge lamp, the role of the power supply voltage to light up. The parameters of this type of starter are: pulse voltage peak, pulse voltage width, Battery Jump Starter pulse front of the rise time, the pulse voltage is located in the power supply voltage phase range and energy. Such as high pressure sodium lamp starter. ③ in the discharge lamp circuit has a separate part of the circuit as a starter, it produces intermittent oscillation of the high-frequency voltage added to the discharge lamp at both ends of the power supply voltage under the joint action to light up the light, also known as high-frequency high-pressure start Device. This type of starter parameters are: high frequency voltage peak, high frequency frequency, intermittent oscillation of the repetition frequency and energy. General discharge voltage is very high (tens of thousands of volts) of the discharge lamp using such starter. Such as short arc xenon lamp starters and partial metal halide lamp starters.

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