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How Is The Car Tool Used?

Automobile tools refer to all kinds of equipment used for vehicle maintenance, including maintenance tools, these devices are sometimes called the car care equipment, because now more and more attention to car owners car maintenance, maintenance and maintenance of the two concepts have been tied The

In the past, Car Tool due to the development of the automobile industry, automobile tool manufacturing technology and vehicle maintenance technology constraints, most of the domestic repair shop using manual, original or simple maintenance equipment for vehicle maintenance, if not using the lift and digging ditch, Special analysis of the instrument but by professional skills to analyze and exclude, Car Tool paint sheet metal is also hit by tapping. With the improvement of automobile technology, the growth of car ownership, the development of automobile maintenance market, a group of modern enterprises entered the automotive tool industry, began to produce and provide all kinds of professional automotive tools, so that the domestic advanced and modern car tools A large number of popular, there are a large number of foreign exports, under the guidance of national policy, Car Tool the domestic auto tool industry presents a thriving development trend. Driven by the professional automotive tools, vehicle maintenance technology has also been rapid development and upgrading, the new maintenance technology is used, industry exchanges are increasingly frequent.

As the owner, driving not only to be comfortable, but also pay attention to safety. When the car is shipped, the manufacturer will provide some of the car supplies, and we will use the car in the car itself. Car Tool Then the car should be put on what car tools, and how to use it?


Reserve tires are often forgotten under the trunk and the lack of maintenance, it is recommended that the owner every 3 months regularly check the backup tires, if necessary, but also to inflate it.

Triangle warning sign is a very important tool, Car Tool in the event of a sudden, put him in the rear of the car, used to remind the rear of the vehicle, in time to avoid, to avoid the second accident.

Jack is an indispensable tool for changing tires, almost all of the garage will be attached to a set of jacks. When buying a used car, be sure to check the jack is intact, because the original comes with the jack lightweight and easy to use.

A powerful flashlight, in the case of bad luck in the evening, Car Tool in addition to check the vehicle lighting, but also can be used to send a distress signal or indicate other vehicles to ensure safety,

Each car which should put a tool kit, which placed some basic tools, including wrenches, screwdriver, wheel spoon, etc., the owner should regularly organize and check, it is best to use after each cleaning to extend the tool Of the service life.

In the event of an accident, there is little spontaneous combustion in the event of an accident, but it does not mean that it is impossible to happen. Therefore, there is a light firecracker that can save a life at all times.

Owners should also put an emergency box, the box should be equipped with bandages, gauze, disinfectant and other emergency medicine, in case of accidents, for emergency use. At the same time, first aid kit should also be cleaned once every six months.

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