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Correct Selection Of Automobile Tools

What are the vehicle tools:

1. Knowledge and use of manual tools

1. Wrench class

A manual tool for loading and unloading of threaded fasteners, such as tightening or loosening bolts and nuts.

(1) Open wrench: The most common kind of wrench, also known as a spanner, one end or two ends have fixed size openings, used to twist a certain size of nuts or bolts.

(2) Plum wrench: At both ends with a six-corner hole or 12-hole working end, Car Tool suitable for small working space, can not use ordinary wrenches. (1) and (2) The comparison: plum wrench and open wrench compared to the plum blossom wrench strength, not easy to slip off when using, Car Tool but the sleeve, remove inconvenient.

(3) Sleeve wrench: It is made up of a plurality of sleeve with six angle hole or 12 angle hole and is equipped with handle, connecting rod and other accessories, Car Tool especially suitable for bolt or nut which is very narrow or deep in concave position.

(4) Movable wrench: Opening width can be adjusted in a certain size range, can twist different specifications of bolts or nuts.

(5) Torque wrench: It can display the torque exerted when twisting the bolt or nut, or the light or sound signal is emitted when the applied torque reaches the specified value.

(6) HEXAGON wrench: L-shaped hexagonal rod wrench, Car Tool specially designed for screwing the hexagon screws. The specification is represented by a hexagonal edge dimension.

2. Screw screwdriver

A hand tool used to tighten or unscrew a variety of slot machine screws, wood screws, and tapping screws. Also known as screwdriver, screwdriver, screwdriver. Screws are generally broken by the top of the edge of the shape of the screw is divided into a font, cross, Car Tool hexagonal and flower type, and so on, respectively, screw threaded fasteners with the corresponding screw head. One of the most commonly used is a font and a cross.

3. Hammer, Hand pliers

Hammer: A hand tool used to knock or hammer objects. The hammer consists of a hammer and a grip handle. The use of hammers is very common, with many forms and specifications. Car Tool Common is the round head hammer, the claw hammer, the chop mouth hammer and the assorted hammer and so on.

Hand Clamp: A manual tool for clamping, fixing, or twisting, bending, or cutting wire. The shape of the clamp is V-shaped, usually consisting of 3 parts of the handle, forceps and jaws.

Correct selection of vehicle tools:

1. Choose the priority order of the wrench according to the type of work

A, sleeve wrench

b, plum wrench

C, open wrench

D, active wrench

2. According to the workplace selection tool sleeve wrench can be operated in various ways according to the handle installed:

A, ratchet handle (in the narrow space, but the distortion is small);

b, the sliding handle (the fastest);

c, rotating handle (can work quickly, but difficult to narrow space).

3. Choose the tool according to the size of rotation twist distance

A, the longer the handle, Car Tool the smaller the force can get a larger torque;

b, but with a long handle, there is a risk of excessive torque, bolts may be broken.


1. Wrench-like tools:

(1) Use should be based on the screws, nuts shape, Car Tool specifications and working conditions of the selection of the wrench to operate the appropriate specifications.

(2) When operating, should make the tensile effect on the thicker side of the opening, in order to prevent openings appear "eight" font, damage nuts and wrenches.

(3) No other wrench other than the sleeve wrench can be set with an afterburner to prevent damage to the wrench or threaded connectors.

2. Screw screwdriver:

(1) Car Tool Appropriate screw screwdrivers shall be selected according to the Groove width and groove of the screw head of the screwed or loosened screws;

(2) Do not use screws to tighten or loosen the grip on the workpiece in the hands of the screws, the workpiece should be clamped in the fixture, in case of injury;

(3) No screw can be used to pry any article or remove metal burrs and other objects.

3. Hammer and Hand pliers:

(1) When using hammer, should carefully check the hammerhead and hammer handle connection is firm, Grip Hammer should hold the back end of the hammer handle. The method of swinging the hammer is wrist swing, elbow swing and arm swing three kinds.

A, wrist swing only with the wrist of the movement of the hammer strike, Car Tool the hammer force is small, but accurate, fast, labor-saving;

b, the arm swing with the wrist, elbow and the whole arm wave, the hammer hit the most;

C, elbow swing with the wrist and elbows, as a hammer-strike movement, the hammer force between the wrist swing and arm swing

(2) The use of hand pliers should be limited to the scope of their design: clamping or cutting, can not use the hand clamp elastic nut.


Car Tool A jack is a small lifting device that uses a steel roof lifting piece as a working device to lift heavy weights through the top holder or bottom claw in the stroke. Car Tool It has two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic. The hydraulic jack structure is compact, the work is stable, has the self-locking function, therefore uses widely. Its disadvantage is the lifting height is limited, the hoisting speed is slow.

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