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Battery Starter To Reduce The Starting Current Of The Motor

Structure characteristics of battery starter

Compact size saves space and engineering budget, reduces switch cabinet size, saves material cost and housing area.

Only 11 devices have a current of 16A to ensure that inventories are minimized. In addition, a large number of accessories to improve the product function is simple and fast. The starter combination contactor is simple and quick to install by using a suitable adapter. Waterproof level reaches IP65, Battery Jump Starter specially designed to ensure that the battery starter can be mounted on the wall or directly to a nearby machine. Compact battery starter can be used in packaging machines, sawing machines, agricultural machines, pumps, transmission systems, air-conditioning or any small machine that requires an electrical starter. Battery starter attaches great importance to environmental protection as far as possible to ensure that parts can be recycled. Motor starter ensures low investment, Battery Jump Starter best line protection and user safety.

The function of the battery starter

Reduce the starting current of the motor, reduce the capacity of distribution, Battery Jump Starter and avoid increasing investment;

Reduce the starting stress and prolong the service life of the motor and related equipment;

The steady start and the soft stop prevent the surge of the traditional starting equipment and the water hammer effect.

A variety of starting mode and wide range of current, voltage settings, Battery Jump Starter can adapt to a variety of load conditions, improve the process;

Perfect and reliable protection function, more effective protection of motor and related equipment safety;

The use environment of battery starter

The battery starter can be installed on the wide edge or narrow edge of the device using a 6th screw. If possible, the battery starter is best securely fastened to a smooth, flat metal surface, Battery Jump Starter which helps the battery starter to dissipate heat. If not, the fans need to be thermally cooled to prevent the battery starter from overheating.

Do not install the battery starter in a place where no ventilation or ambient temperature is higher than 40 ℃

Do not install the battery starter in a damp place

Do not contact the battery starter with metal or other conductor particles

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