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Battery Starter Device Has Overload Protection Function

The battery starter is a kind of actuator which is composed of electromagnetic contactor and overload protection element. Also known as the magnetic actuator. Because it is directly the power grid voltage and motor stator winding, so that the motor under the full voltage start, also known as the direct starter. Battery Jump Starter Electromagnetic starter is often used when the power grid and load have no special requirements on the starting characteristics. It is not only convenient for operation and control, Battery Jump Starter but also has overload and voltage loss protection function. zmjt17

Battery Starter Product Features

1, aluminum alloy shell die-casting or steel plate welding molding, surface high-pressure electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance;

2, in accordance with customer requirements to install AC contactor, thermal relay, motor protector, signal and other components;

3, with overload, short-circuit protection function;

4, module structure, a variety of circuits can be freely assembled according to needs;

5, can control the AC 50HZ, 380V three-phase asynchronous motor's direct start stop, Battery Jump Starter and has the overload and the break phase protection and loses the pressure protection.

6. Pipe or cable wiring.

Starting mode of battery starter

1, direct start. But the three-phase asynchronous motor can reach 6-7 times the rated current when it is started directly, especially the high power motor.

2, Buck start. The step-down starting mainly has the heat from the lotus root step-down and the Star Triangle Buck start.

3. Frequency sensitive resistor starting. Frequency-sensitive resistor starting is a series of frequency-sensitive resistors in the main road when the motor is starting, thus reducing the starting current. Battery Jump Starter The frequency-sensitive resistor can change the starting current smoothly and the impact of the power grid is less, which is an ideal starting mode. However, the current high-power frequency-sensitive resistors are used in the form of inductance, so in use will produce a larger electromagnetic eddy current, Battery Jump Starter will reduce the power factor of the grid.

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