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Attery Starter Light Weight

Battery starter Use: It is suitable for the coal mine with the methane mixture gas and the explosion danger, in the AC 50HZ, the voltage is 1140V or 660V, Battery Jump Starter the neutral point is not directly grounded in the power grid, the three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor can be controlled in situ or remotely.

Features: 1. The use of shell quick door structure, Battery Jump Starter compared to the old-fashioned shell switch, the equipment has light weight, small size, maintenance and transportation convenience and so on.

2. The use of Chinese blue screen, Battery Jump Starter with standard $literal interface, and host computer networking can be achieved telemetry, remote control, tele-mail, remote control, such as four-remote functions.

3. Pull-down menu setting, with parameter tuning function, the switch parameters can be modified or set without opening.

4. The external water level sensor controls the pump motor, which can be automatically opened and stopped and on-duty. Water level sensor for my company configuration, working power for intrinsically safe type.

5. Battery starter is short circuit, overload, phase break, three-phase unbalance, leakage blocking and other protection functions. Battery Jump Starter Simultaneously has the current, the voltage, the fault parameter and so on display function.

The battery starter is now commonly referred to as the motor, also known as the starter. It drives the rotor of the starter by electromagnetic induction, and the pinion on the rotor drives the flywheel of the engine to rotate, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate. The new low cost spark plugs and battery starter with porcelain core base have been innovated, Battery Jump Starter which lays the technical foundation of automobile development.

The battery starter abandons the bulky and dangerous crank, making the car's driving safer and more convenient, especially by the new consumer groups including women.

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