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Trends in development of soft-Starter

With the development of domestic frequency converter, converter is no longer superior, it not only solved the problem of motor starting current, and has a very good effect energy-saving, so once a moment of soft Starter seemed to decline, voice getting smaller and smaller. So, soft Starter do you still have room for development in the future? It will completely be replaced by converter? Whether the soft-starter will be replaced by inverter completely need market validation, but soft-Starter alternative facing the pressure to do more; [1] this is particularly evident in China. Because of China's industrial technology have been lagging behind in more than 10 years ago, China frequency converter industry has just started, no pricing power, mostly for international brands in the domestic market, inverter cost has been high. At that time, domestic squirrel-cage induction motors are generally used directly actuated, or coupling, Star-Delta starting player starts. The 90 's of the last century, in SCM as the core, semiconductor silicon for intelligent actuator motor soft Starter to enter the Chinese market, and started accelerated after 2000, the current market size of about 2 billion. Main settlement of soft-starter motor starts on the grid impact bypass contactor and started working issues, protection of motor function, under light load conditions to achieve a certain level of energy saving (5%), but the energy-saving effect is far less than the inverter. With the rise of China frequency converter industry, and thus the inverter prices fell sharply in recent years, inverter and gradually replaced the role of the soft-starter.

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