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Soft Starter function

Main functions

1, overload protection: introduction of current control loop of soft starter and track changes for detecting electric current. By increasing the overload current setting and inverse time control mode, realizes the overload protection function, the motor overload, turn-off thyristors and alarm signal.

2, open-phase protection function: work, the soft starter of three-phase line current at any given time, in the event of disconnection, an open-phase protection response.

3, overheating protection: internal soft starter of thermal relay SCR heat sink temperatures, once the heat sink temperature exceeds the allowed value automatic turn-off thyristors and alarm signal.

4, measuring parameters of functions: motor work, soft starter in the detector always monitor motor operation, and will monitor the parameters to the CPU for processing, CPU monitoring parameters for analysis, storage and display. Motor soft Starter also has the function of measuring circuit parameters.

5, other features: through a combination of electronic circuits, you can also implement other interlock protection system.

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Address: Level 11-12,Datang Time Building,Meilong Road,Qinghu, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
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