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Jump motor principle

Kit electric hydraulic pumps and common hydraulic cylinders (as described in the overview of hydraulic machinery) to lift the car. Imagine next to hydraulic cylinder connected to the damper or damping spring, you know how it is. This is considerable modifications, you may need to spend thousands of dollars.

This hydraulic kit solves the problem of height. Happened next is unexpected, it is one of the oddities in the innovation process, of sorts. Suddenly occurred to anyone, provided that they have sufficient energy, hydraulic system can make the car jump up!

Rapid improvement after the jump jump dance of the hydraulic system is becoming more and more interesting, in the end, cars can even jump 1.8 m above the ground! Initially, only a 12 volt or 24 volt pump, to unify the driving wheels. Now, you may find that the car had four pumps (one for each wheel), while there are 8, 10 or 12 batteries to power them. Have 8 battery configuration typically contains two sets of batteries, each group of 4, two 48 volt system. With 12 configuration of the battery can supply power to two 72-volt system. These powerful systems that you see in the movies.

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