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Automotive relays storage environment

Avoid direct sunlight and maintain room temperature • humidity • atmospheric pressure; Temperature: 10 ° c ~35 ° c humidity: 5~85%RH pressure: 86~106kPa

The environment of high temperature, high humidity, ambient temperature sharply changes, the relay may be condensation. Especially when maritime transport vessels are particularly prone to condensation, please note that transport environment. Condensation is: under the environment of high temperature, high humidity and temperatures up to temperature quickly becomes cold or rapidly from low temperature to high temperature and high humidity environment, the phenomenon of water vapor to condense into water droplets. Condensation will lower the insulation, disconnected coil corrosion, rust, etc.

Low temperature freezing: condensation and humidity environment, in a State of water attached to the relay, the temperature drops below the freezing point of water ice. Freezing may cause moving parts of bonding, between delays or ice-contact, contact failure.

Low temperature and low humidity environment, plastics may be brittle.

Always store in a high temperature, high humidity and contain gas, sulfide gas environments, contact will generate film sulfide and oxide film on the surface, leading to instability and contact contact fault. Please note that the form, try to reduce the effects of moisture, organic gas, sulfide gas.

Relays should be stored in a clean environment and installation, please use under environmental pollution by dust dust cover or plastic relays.

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